NFTs as a way to combat historical revisionism

To remember the proclamation of Martial Law back in 1972, I minted a series of NFT posters visualizing data reported by Amnesty International on what is considered as one of the darkest parts of Philippine History.

Historical revisionism has been rampant around social media, with people being paid to spread false information. People in power can also pay platforms to remove content that are against them.

Through NFTs, we are able to preserve history in a way that no one can alter what has been published. We can also trace who made which kind of media because these kinds of records come with the NFT. If ever these posters are downloaded and altered, there is a record showing that I am the person who made the original poster.

You may see the NFTs on OpenSea

34,000 people tortured

70,000 people arrested

3,240 people killed

The NFTs are also visible on my Showtime profile.

24/25 editions are now on sale on OpenSea through the Polygon network, where minting and buying NFTs are made even more accessible (with gas fees going around $0.0001).

1/25 is kept with me to ensure that even if the 24 editions are burned, there is still one that will live on.

While these are being sold, there are no financial gains to be expected here for anyone who buys the NFTs. This project was made to be a way to preserve history (minting the NFT), and to spread it around the internet (hence, the editions). A 15% Creator Share was also set in case any of the editions are resold.

I expect buyers to be guardians of our history.

Some resources for you to #NeverForget

Note: These NFTs and this post are NOT in partnership with any institutions.

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